Sunday, February 4, 2018

IMPERFECTION... Breaking free from it all...

Ok, I need to chat a moment  about perfectionism or the idea of it pertaining to our homes and home decor.  That idea that sticks to us after scrolling through all those glossy images we see in our newsfeeds to our already overloaded brains, and sets a false sense of what is reality.  You see we receive this day after day in our world when it comes to our bodies, hair, clothing and financial status, and our homes!!   I mean, I could go on about all of those, but I want to discuss our homes, home  decor, and our idea of how to decorate, paint, design and arrange the rooms in our home.

I know you all have seen the millions of photos floating around Pinterest, Instagram, etc of those giant tall ceilinged homes, with beautiful shiny kitchen islands, high end appliances, electronics, and furniture and more.  These rooms are all perfectly symmetrical in design and perfectly thought out and perfect furniture placement,  wall hangings, pillows.  They all are sometimes too perfect!!

It is just that I feel as an industry and as influencers or someone who wishes to inspire others, we need to actually INSPIRE.   We need to inspire others with CREATIVITY, AUTHENTICITY, REALITY, INDIVIDUALITY.   Real life looks different for everyone.  Real homes look different.    Our homes, should reflect us.  They should reflect our style, our story, the people who live there, not what looks good on pages of someone else's book.

I think seeing all of those perfect pictures become overwhelm for so many.  I mean we hold ourselves to these sometimes unattainable standards... I admit, I can be guilty of this too.. Then, I have to step back and say "It's ok, I am going to be me and do things my way."  So, maybe I do not have a big fancy house or rooms displayed on my pages, maybe I do not have big sponsors or even a giant audience what scrolls through my images, but as long as I help or inspire, encourage one other person, that works for me!!

Let's let go of the unattainable perfection. Let's embrace our imperfection, our imperfect homes, our eclectic styles and collected rooms and love them.  Lets love our homes because they tell a story.  Let's celebrate finger paintings from our children adorning our walls and cabinet faces, the chipped and dirty moldings on our walls.  Let's embrace the collected look of our mix matched furniture, you know the kind... the hand me downs from our parents, but they evoke a warm memory?  Lets embrace that we are all trying to achieve the same thing, HOME, a landing spot, a comfort zone, our happy place.  You see, its' ok to look at all of those glossy images, but do not let it ever make you feel uncomfortable or insecure of what you talents are.  And remember the best decorated homes are the ones lived in,  the ones that tell the story of your family, and whomever makes up that family, because each of our families are made up uniquely.

So my rooms and photos may not be like everyone else's, and that is OK.  I am accepting it today.  Can you accept your imperfect home today too? Lets celebrate our imperfections together!

Thank you for reading!

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